What happens on your roof?

MYSTIEK solar roof tile

The Mystiek solar roof tile fits perfectly between the roof tiles. The horizontal lines of the roof remain unaffected, as a result of which the austere appearance remains. 

The Mystiek solar roof tile has a high efficiency. The revenue is as high as from a standard black solar panel which is attached on top of the roof.

Due to innovative design, the Mystiek product is considerably cheaper than comparable building integrated products. The simple and quick assembly makes the Mystiek solar roof tile ideal for new construction and renovation projects. Sometimes Mystiek can be fitted into existing tiled roofs.

The development of Mystiek solar roof tiles has been made possible thanks to financial support from the MIT, a Dutch innovation stimulation initiative for SME’s and the Limburg Business Development Fund (LBDF).

Download the MYSTIEK datasheet

Download the MYSTIEK installation guide


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Current Developments






We are currently working to make the solar roof tile available in orange-red. We expect that this can be delivered in limited edition at the end of 2019. Contact us for interest.