about solinso

A lot of people want their house to be environmentally friendly, but they prefer the nice aesthetical look of their home over this.

SOLINSO has responded to this with the development of the Mystiek solar roof tile that combines generation of solar energy with beautiful aesthetics and low installation costs. This way, SOLINSO meets the wishes of customers, project developers and architects. The Mystiek product responds to a need in the construction world, namely a building element that is very easy to assemble between roof tiles and does not affect the appearance of the tiled roof. This makes SOLINSO the first company to approach the BIPV market as a commodity market.

SOLINSO B.V. was founded in 2015 by Paul de Jong and  Bart Allard. SOLINSO focuses on the aesthetic integration of solar panels that must also be able to compete with the large solar panels that are mounted on top of the roof tiles.

Paul de Jong and Bart Allard started in the fall of 2013 with the concept development of the Mystiek solar roof tile. The main goal of the development was that the Mystiek product must be able to recoup itself within 10 years. Various Mystiek prototypes were made in 2015 that have been tested on components by partners and test institutes. Various plastics have been tested by KIWA on UV stress and moisture. The adhesion of the glue connection to the plastic and to the glass plate has been thoroughly tested. We also carried out flight-fire tests in accordance with the Dutch building code, which allowed us to limit the choice of materials further. The final result is the Mystiek solar roof tile with a high quality. The Mystiek solar roof tile is developed for 25 years of carefree life.

Mystiek is tested for waterproofness, storm resistance and fire resistance. We produce the panels in the Netherlands which improves the reliability of our products.