"We would like to generate solar energy but also want the look of our house to remain the same"

Is this a consideration that sounds familliar to you? It does to many of our clients.

This can both affordably and easily be accomplished. For this purpose, SOLINSO has developed the Mystique solar roof tiles.

These are some of the advantages of the Mystique solar roof tiles:

Beautiful aesthetics

The Mystique solar roof tile consists of black solar cells with a black background. The solar roof tile is placed between the roof tiles in such way, that a seamless integration of the solar roof tiles with the regular roof tiles is realised. This leaves the lining of the roof tiles unaffected.

Freedom in architectural design due to flexibility in dimensions

Mystique can be delivered in different widths. The standard width is either 150 or 60 cm. This already brings in an lot of flexibility to play around other elements that might be present on the roof, such as window or chimneys and fill the roof to an optimum with the Solinso Mystique solar roof tiles. 

High energy conversion efficiency

Mystique solar roof tiles deliver a comparable yield per square meter (170 W/m2) as standard monocrystalline solar panels do, installed on top of the tiles. With 40 Mystique solar roof tiles, 2700 - 3100 kWh of electricity can be generated annually, just as much as with 12 standard solar panels measuring 1 meter x 1.65 meters. The required roof surface is the same in both situations, namely 20 m2.

Added value when selling your home

Its is starting to be widely accepted amongst real estate brokers that the presence of solar panels is value enhancing for your house. The aesthetics of the Mystique solar roof tiles bring the appearance even to a higher plane. A pleasant and comforting thought when you are planning to sell your house in the foreseeable future.


Due to the innovative design, the Mystique solar roof tile is considerably better priced than comparable products. The possibillity to assemble the solar roof tiles quickly and easily makes the Mystique roof tile an ideal solar product for new construction and home renovation projects. The total installation costs of a solar roof with the Mystique solar roof tiles are hardly any higher than a solar roof system with regular solar panels that are mounted on top of the roof tiles.

Long lifespan

Mystique solar roof tiles are composed using only the best materials, that have been intensively tested and selected especially for the application of being a construction element that is part of the roof. Mystique solar roof tiles are designed for a lifespan of at least 25 years.